METANOIA I & II, are two artworks based on the life of the French writer and artist Antonin Artaud and his existential journey taken in the hope to heal ones inner self. Artaud who suffered from schizophrenia, wanted to return what he believed was Saint Patrick’s crosier to his homeland and came to Ireland in 1937 in a cathartic journey. His voyage ended dramatically by being deported back to France and spending the rest of his life in a mental asylum. Artaud talked about an “inorganic body” a body without organs, this utopic body which could not be wounded, would be unable to experience pain. Through aspects from the life of the writer, philosopher and playwright, in this work I am investigating the coping mechanisms that come into play when the body and the mind are at pains to mend a trauma. In Greek metanoia means a change of mind, for Karl Jung it stood for a process that the psyche goes through in a spontaneous act towards self-reparation after a breakdown. Through the Jungian suggestion that the experience of psychosis is a journey for the individual to rediscover something that has been lost to them; in this work the concept of METANOIA comes to represent an existential journey towards recovery. The creation of personal mythologies by the individual who is in a state of metanoia, offers a situation from which to explore the nature of the schizophrenic body, self-reparation and the potential of sacred amulets such as Artaud’s crosier, which embody for the holder magical and healing properties.


METANOIA II: Complex Quixotian Escape, installation, found objects, porcelain, silver, high visibility velvet, video.
dimensions variable, music case: 80 X 40 X 23cm, 2009/11 


















found object, paint










  video still, from Prelude: Metanoia II: Complex Quixotian Escape


Text by Monica Flynn -  An email dialogue with the artist Cecilia Bullo and some unresolved thoughts.  This text accompanies Cecilia Bullo’s exhibition The Fractured Self , running 28 May – 13 June, 2010 @ The Market Studios, Dublin 7.

The Fractured Self: Posted on May 31, 2010 by Monica Flynn, visual artist, organiser, cultural freelancer